Membership in UCCA is open to anyone who freely chooses to join with us and share in our ministry. We do not discriminate in any manner.

The UCCA has chosen to use a “Dues/Donations” revenue stream, rather than the traditional “Tithes/Offerings” format. We hope this will better meet the financial demands we anticipate and will allow us to provide those Ministry Programs and Services we believe are needed and desired by our Members. Also, it is our hopes that by initiating a set financial commitment from our “Members” they in turn will feel more personally “invested” in our work, our faith, and the UCCA.

The dues/donations listed herein are considered a minimal investment by each Member, further financial contributions are a choice left up to each Member. Such contributions are needed and greatly appreciated by the UCCA.

The UCCA – General Council may from time to time make revisions to this document at the discretion of the GC. However, no actions regarding Dues/Donations shall be retroactive.   
The following UCCA Members Categories are open to all who meet the criteria specific to the chosen category.

Proposed member categories with minimum dues/donations

  1. Individual Member                   $40.00/year
  2. Ordained Clergy Member        $50.00/year (Requires proof of Ordination active or retired)
  3. Student Member                        $25.00/year (Proof of enrollment and age is required)
  4. Church/Fellowship Member   $100.00/year (See below)
  5. New Group Member                  $25.00/year (See below)
  6. Lifetime Member                        $200.00 (one-time fee for Individual Members only)
  7. UCCA Credentialed Members  $40.00/year

Memberships further explained below:

All Dues/donations to the UCCA are non-refundable.

UCCA has a “Special Hardships Program” for individuals and Churches/Fellowships who can demonstrate their need for special considerations concerning our dues/donations.  
Dues/Donations listed are used to maintain and conduct the business of the UCCA. 
All UCCA finances are audited and accounted for each year.

Each UCCA Member will receive a “Membership Card” with an expiration date that is renewed each year along with membership.

The Membership Dues/Donations structure will be reviewed annually and decisions will be then made about any increases. However, those who pay in advance, for up to three (3) years, will not be affected by any fee increases during that period. Individuals who choose to become Lifetime Members will not be affected by any fee increases. 
NOTE: In addition to our Memberships, UCCA accepts donations, in any amount, from all who might choose to support the UCCA and our work. Please make all payments and/or donations only in U.S. Dollars

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per year
    An “Individual Member” is a person who has freely chosen to join with the UCCA to support and promote the ministry and is in sympathy with the UCCA – Platform and our work. 
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Ordained Clergy


Per year
    An “Ordained Clergy Member” is a person who currently holds Ordination or other valid Credentials from a recognized religious body, other than the UCCA.
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Per year
    A Student Member is a person of legal age, who is currently enrolled in a recognized academic program 

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per year
    Any independent, legitimate, operating Church/Fellowship may apply for Affiliate Membership with the UCCA by providing documentation demonstrating satisfaction of conditions

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Organizing Groups


Per year
    This is a special category offered for “Organizing Groups” who are in sympathy with and support of the Platform and work of the UCCA.
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