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UCCA, Blog Post, June 22, 2020

When the phrase “Black Lives Matter” is said, we should understand, these words aren’t being used to diminish the lives of others, or to promote the lives of “Black People” above others. The statement intends to call attention to the fact that, in most of America, the lives of “Black People” have not been truly equal to those of “White People.” This is evident in our history of racial profiling, discernible and indiscernible racial discriminations, and the intentional divide that white society has placed between these two races.

There is nothing in the phrase, “Black Lives Matter” that indicates or eludes to diminishing the fact that “all lives matter.” The only ones establishing a divide to these two statements are “White People” who refuse to see it for its reality because they are prejudice against “Black People” in general; they are “racist.” Your response shouldn’t be a reminder that “all life matters,” that should be and is, understood by almost all “Black People.” That isn’t even the issue.

The issue is, if “all life matters,” then why aren’t all races, all lives, viewed, addressed, and respected equally? Simply put, if “All Life Matters,” then “Black Lives” must matter as well, and equally to everyone else. And to this date, they don’t, not in this country. But perhaps we are moving one step closer to the day when all life will truly matter, without question of race, creed, color, or any other restriction or limitation.

America will never truly be the “home of the free” until every American’s life matters the same, without exceptions of any kind. Perhaps we should put our divisions aside and stop being different races, colors, ethnicities, nationalities, sexes, or sexual orientations. Indeed, we should remove all things that divide us and come together as one people, and one nation, Americans equal and united in every way.

I believe this to be firmly in line with the teachings and purpose of the Unitarian Christian Church of America (UCCA). Those members of our faith who preceded this generation made the same proclamations in their time, and we must do the same today. Until a time comes when such proclamations are no longer needed, and all people are truly equal, as God intended.

May there be peace, blessings, and unity for all,

Rev. Dr. Shannon Rogers, DDiv, Sr. Pastor UCCA      

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