Student membership




A Student Member is a person of legal age, who is currently enrolled in a recognized academic program at a university, college, seminary, public/private school or other such educational institution. (Proof of enrollment and age is required).

A Student Member is a person who has freely chosen to join with the UCCA to support and promote the ministry and is in sympathy with the UCCA – Platform and our work.

As a Student Member; with their permission, their name will be included in our “Members Roster” which is available on-line, they will receive by mail

a membership card,
and on-line electronic copies of: our Magazine and our News Letter as they are published.
A Student Member may also make an application to be an organizer of a local Students Ministry on their campus (UCCA Campus Representative).

Our “Blog Site” is by invitation only, for Members only. Other Member benefits may be added by action of the UCCA – General Council.


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