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By Rev. Dr. Shannon Rogers

When I read the Scriptures (Old & New) I see a recurring “theme”. That “theme” is twofold. One, the belief in God (the One True God, the Supreme Being) as the creator and sustainer of all creation. And second, the principle of “unconditional love for all creation, including all humankind”. It is also, interesting that this same “theme” is found within the ancient and modern beliefs, scriptures and teachings of almost all other religions. Thus, if we take the Gospels and examine them strictly for how Jesus taught just this “theme”. We then can arrive at the “teachings” of Jesus.

And to take it a bit further. If you read the Gospels and examine what they say about how Jesus lived and interacted with the world he lived within. You find that he lived what he preached. And, if you add the Book of Acts to the Gospels you can see how his message and example of this “theme” became an influence to the Apostles and his other followers.

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