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By Rev. Dr. Shannon Rogers

When the western world saw the devotion, the Christians had for this simple message they couldn’t understand. To them Jesus surly must have been one of the gods come down from on high himself. (as others had done)

When properly read and examined the many different miracles (supernatural acts) attributed to Jesus are most likely intentional add-on included in scripture to make Jesus better fit the definition given him by the “Church”. It isn’t needed and actually distracts from the true message he presented. Again, his message was simple, and a simple message can be understood by anyone, so why do they need a “church”.

Today we Unitarian Christians don’t believe we have to follow the Jewish faith to follow our faith. We do recognize the fact that Jesus was a Jew, but to follow his simple message does not say be a “Jew” it says “Love God and prove it by loving all God’s creation”. It isn’t the name, the faith, the nationality, the church, the religion you belong to that is important, it’s how you live and love. We can live in the “Kingdom of God” anytime. When we let God reign in our lives, accept the fact that God is love, and prove our love for God by loving all God’s creation.

It isn’t important what was or was not done in the past. What is important is how we live today. This world is being torn apart by greed, selfishness, bigotry and hatred. God cannot reign within such an atmosphere. I believe that Unitarian Christianity based on a foundation of these teachings is a faith that’s time has come. We need to get back to the simple message, follow his example; teach it and live it with every ounce of our being, just as he did.

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