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Love is like a living being, it must be fed so that it is nurtured and sustained, so that it may grow.
Love is not just a stagnant fleeting emotion or state of mind, that it should be ignored or misused.
We feed love by applying it to all around us, making it a central and natural part of our being.
We keep love alive and vibrant by embracing its presence and making it central to our lives.
When we live in love, the world will know, it will be manifest in all we say and do.
When love is central to our lives as it should be, peace and happiness is its fruit.
Without love life is dark and difficult, without hope, joy or true purpose.
Without love our spirits would be cold and lifeless without direction or true meaning.
Love is patient, kind, without conditions and it never fails in any way.
Love does not envy, or boast, judge or divide, and it is not proud or arrogant.
Our lives are made up of many things including ourselves and our faith, hope and love.
But truly, the greatest of these is love.
To be Godly, to be Christlike, we must live in love; for “God is Love” and surely desires that you are the same.
May you allow the love of God within you to become central to your very being. That the world may know the love of God, and learn to love as well.
The “Kingdom of God” is found when we learn to live our lives in love with all of God’s creations, without exceptions or conditions of any kind, just like Jesus.
It is our purpose and surely it is God’s will.
Love, Peace and Blessings to you all.

Rev. Dr. Shannon Rogers, DDiv, UCCA

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